Puppet module to install Megacli
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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Module Description
  3. Setup
  4. Usage
  5. Reference
  6. Limitations
  7. Development
  8. License


This module just provide a simple way to install Megacli (MegaRaid management).

Module Description

Based on a default repository it will be easy to manage Megacli for Debian systems. If you want some Redhat/Fedora/Ubuntu support, please send repository URL :)


What megacli affects

  • A new sources.list file for Megacli.
  • Package for Megacli.


To begin using Megacli module with defaults parameters:

include megacli

New Debian Jessie

The default repository doesn't provide (yet?) a repository for the new Debian Stable (aka Jessie). Instead, we can use the Sid one:

  class { 'megacli':
    repo_suite => 'sid',



  • megacli: Main class call all subclasses.
  • megacli::repo: Manage the repository to provide Megacli.
  • megacli::install: Install Megacli packages.



  • repo_ensure: What to set the repository to. Can be 'present' or 'absent'. Defaults to 'present'.
  • repo_url: The URL of the repository. Default to 'http://hwraid.le-vert.net/debian/' for Debian systems.
  • repo_suite: The suite to use for the repository. Default to '$::lsbdistcodename'.
  • repo_key: The key to ensure the repository is trusted. Defaults to '23B3D3B4' for Debian systems.
  • repo_key_server: The server used to validate the repository's key. Defaults to 'keyserver.ubuntu.com' for Debian systems.
  • repo_include_src: If set to 'true', it will include the source packages. Can be 'true' or 'false'. Defaults to 'false'.
  • repos: Which sections to use for the repository. Can be an array. Defaults to 'main' for Debian systems.
  • pkg_ensure: What to set the Megacli package to. Can be 'present' or 'absent'. Defaults to 'present'.
  • pkg_name: The Megacli's package name to install. Defaults to 'megacli'.


This module has only be tested on Debian 7.x versions, but should work on Debian <=7. The default repository for Debian doesn't provide packages for Debian 8 (aka Jessie) but it's work if you use the Sid packages, see New-debian-jessie.


Free to send contributions, fork it, ...


WTFPL (http://wtfpl.org/)