Z-Shell − ZSH configuration files
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ZSH Configuration

Table of contents

1 [Installation - How-to install] (#installation)


Clone the repository (with https in this example):

cd ~/repo
git clone https://git.101010.fr/101010/zsh_config.git

To use those configuration files for the system:

sudo ln -s /home/$USER/repo/101010_zsh /etc/zsh

Or for single user:

ln -s ~/.zlogin ~/repo/101010_zsh/zlogin
ln -s ~/.zlogout ~/repo/101010_zsh/zlogout
ln -s ~/.zprofile ~/repo/101010_zsh/zprofile
ln -s ~/.zshenv ~/repo/101010_zsh/zshenv
ln -s ~/.zshrc ~/repo/101010_zsh/zshrc