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The Null Pointer

This is a no-bullshit file hosting and URL shortening service that also runs Use with uWSGI.

If you are running nginx, you should use the X-Accel-Redirect header. To make it work, include this in your nginx configs server block:

location /up {

where /up is whatever youve configured as FHOST_STORAGE_PATH in

For all other servers, set FHOST_USE_X_ACCEL_REDIRECT to False and USE_X_SENDFILE to True, assuming your server supports this. Otherwise, Flask will serve the file with chunked encoding, which sucks and should be avoided at all costs.

To make files expire, simply create a cronjob that runs every now and then.

Before running the service for the first time, run ./ db upgrade.

NSFW Detection

0x0 supports classification of NSFW content via Yahoos open_nsfw Caffe neural network model. This works for images and video files and requires the following:

  • Caffe Python module (built for Python 3)
  • ffmpegthumbnailer executable in $PATH

EXIF Stripping

When STRIP_IMAGE_EXIF is enabled, all images uploaded will be processed through exiftool to strip all EXIF data except the orientation tag. Requires the exiftool script in $PATH.


apt update
apt install python3-pip nginx uwsgi uwsgi-plugin-python3 certbot
git clone /srv/0x0

cd /srv/0x0
pip3 install --user `cat requirements.txt`
./ db upgrade


What about file management? Will I be able to register an account at some point?
Why are you storing IP addresses with each uploaded file?
This is done to make dealing with legal claims and accidental uploads easier, e.g. when a user requests removal of all text files uploaded from a certain address within a given time frame (it happens).
Do you accept donations?
Only if you insist. Ive spent very little time and effort on this service and I dont feel like I should be taking money for it.